About Me

I am Lisa and welcome to my life blog. If you like discussions on data analytics, random book reviews, travel, VR, video games and musings about the world – you’ve come to the right place. Actually, if you like those things be sure to say hello – I need to meet more people like you!


So Who Am I? 

My family is important to me. 

My friends are important to me. 

I’m a Data Analyst. 

I secretly love terrible movies. (okay, maybe not so secretly). 

I enjoy bouldering, but I’m rather terrible at it. 

I kind of enjoy cycling and love the challenges it brings.

I enjoy video games, though haven’t had quite as much time to play lately.

I’m not a great cook. 

I really enjoy reading, especially e-books on my Kobo. My Kobo Aura is one of my favourite things.

I can’t swim well at all but still really enjoy it.