A Brand New Adventure

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For a little over a decade of my life I had a goal, and every day of work was working towards that. I knew what I wanted and that drove me. Then I had the opportunity to have that thing. I’d be a well paid manager in analytics, earning a silly some of money. I even had two offers on … Read More

A Fresh Start

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It’s strange – 8 months since last blogging, I finally got the energy and passion to get back online and get things in order. When I logged in, one of the things I found was a draft post called ’53 days later’ where I was explaining how mentally exhausted I was, how I was neglecting my mental health.  It’s been … Read More

I’m so over people complaining about Christmas in November!

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Tis the season

I haven’t seen any posts or social media content celebrating Christmas in November – but I have seen dozens of posts complaining about people celebrating Christmas in November.  I’m so over these November bah-humbuggers.  As a society, we don’t have a huge amount of things that draw us all together. We don’t have huge amounts that draws us out of the monotonous … Read More

Pondering on Life – Piracy

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I’m always surprised with how open and almost bragging people tend to be about digital piracy. It feels like piracy is seen as an acceptable and commonplace thing. We all know that it’s illegal but people seem happy enough to openly discuss their hard drives full of terabytes of movies, TV shows and games. I don’t mean to be judgemental on … Read More

I went to Disney!

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I had never really particularly cared for Disney. I don’t think I even particularly wanted to go to Disneyworld as a child.  I watched the classics as a kid but Disney had never really resonated with me in that way that it seemed to other people (my family seemed more into Studio Ghibli!) When the opportunity came up to go on … Read More

360 Photo Thursday – How to edit 360 Discussion

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I love my Samsung Gear 360 but I feel like the software family surrounding it is not quite there yet to make it an enjoyable experience. If you only ever take one or two photos and then share them raw to facebook, you’ll find it’s great. However, if you’ve been very snap happy and want to sort through your photos … Read More