LILMGOTW – Cook Serve Delicious 2!

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I previously made a semi-exception to talk about Cook Serve Delicious – one of my favourite indie games for sure, but with a completely tenuous Local Multiplayer aspect (it has one – but it’s a minimal afterthought and not that great). I’m also generally fairly positive about the games I include in LILMGOTW – mainly because it’s easiest and most … Read More

All Change! A new era in my life!

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So much for a schedule…. I haven’t blogged in quite a couple of weeks! Life has very much got in the way lately – in some ways lovely, in some ways unexpectedly!  I’ve spent the past year of my life working abroad – it completely changed my life, throwing me into a new culture and dragging me away from my … Read More

360 Thursday – Iceland & Leogang

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I love taking 360 Photos. I think it’s an amazing technology – and I love viewing them on my gear VR for a really immersive experience too. Unfortunately, I have a huge backlog of photos to sort through and process. I’ll get around to it someday! I have a lot of stunning ones from Iceland that I really want to make … Read More

LILMGOTW – Space Team!

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This week we’re jumping briefly off our PCs and steam and onto our phones to take a look at Space Team.  I recently made a few of my friends play Space Team together when we were having a quiet drunken evening in. It’s a real test of friendship and character. I think they had fun.  Like every game I talk about, the … Read More

Data Talk – WordPress Migration!

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Yesterday was meant to be Data Talk – but instead of being able to post a riveting piece about the joys of Excel, my blog had ground to a halt. WordPress isn’t very intensive, but the insanely cheap and unheard of host that I had been using was completely unable to cope with it.  So, a seamless migration has been … Read More

Using Ad-Block? You’re a thief!

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Content isn’t free, especially good high-quality content. Yet as consumers, we like our content to be free. Once we have paid our monthly bill for internet access we don’t want to be charged again by each individual website that we access. Of course, there are some exceptions with services that offer premium content that we’re willing to pay for – Netflix, … Read More

LILMGOTW – Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse

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This week’s game is Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse. It’s still in Steam Early Access but still feels like a well fleshed out game.  The concept of this game is somewhat adorable. You play as one of 5 rather gnarly looking critters – the duck, the bear, the elephant, the sloth or the gorilla. You get to dress your critter up in … Read More

LILMGOTW – Blockships!

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This week we’re taking a look at a great game called Blockships.  I first played a very early version of Blockships at an Insomnia gaming festival, probably over a year ago. I was immediately enthralled by how simple yet completely fun this game. I ran back to my Bring-your-own-computer desk and bought an early access copy on Steam. The premise of … Read More

You, Me and Video Games.

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Today I’ll be flying off to the Insomnia Gaming Festival. A legendary LAN party and gaming expo in the UK. I’ve been attending these events and volunteering at them for quite a while. It’s a community and event that I’m so proud to be part of.  I’ve always identified as a gamer. My mum and my sister are gamers too.

LILMGOTW – Cook Serve Delicious

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Does Cook Serve Delicious belong as a Local Multiplayer Game? Probably not. The multiplayer aspect is limited to two players and is very basic – a shared version of the normal game. However, Cook Serve Delicious is a really great game sooooooooooooooo yeah.  It’s highly addictive for sure. You essentially have a restaurant for which you pick menu options and purchase … Read More