30 before 30?

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In just 13 days I’ll be hitting a milestone birthday – I’ll be leaving my twenties and beginning my early thirties. A few years ago as 28 and 29 hit and 30 became ever closer I really felt like it would be a ‘big deal’. I made a list of thirty things I wanted to do before my birthday. I even … Read More

LILMGOTW – Genital Jousting

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This week – we take a look at a game that probably puts this blog firmly in the NSFW category – Genital Jousting.  If we overlook the penis aspect of this game for just a moment, it’s a lot of fun for Local Multiplayer. It works great on the one shared screen. The controls are simple and fun. The modes … Read More

LILMGOTW – Mount Your Friends

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This week, it’s time to get intimate and mount your friends.  Somehow this game manages to be saner than its name. Rather than being some odd sex game, this is a perfectly sensible game where you try to reach the sky by climbing on your friends to form a human chain – all while balancing from a goat of course. Similar … Read More

LILMGOTW – Speedrunners

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This week game is SpeedRunners.  I mostly like SpeedRunners because I’m good at it (well better than my friends!). Speedrunners is pretty basic, you are running around a looping course, and want to be in the lead – fall too far behind and you get eliminated. The game continues, with the window getting smaller and smaller until only one person … Read More

LILMGOTW – Viscera Cleanup Detail

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What. The. Hell. Is. This. Game. And. Why. Can’t. I. Stop. Playing. This week is the insanely bizarre Viscera Cleanup Detail. I think I got this game in a Humble Bundle or similar. I can’t even remember. It was just in my steam library one day and I decided to give it a go. It’s insane. The premise is that you … Read More

LILMGOTW – Friendship Club

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Another Wednesday, another LILMGOTW!  This week my spotlight is on Friendship Club. I randomly received Friendship Club on Twitter ages ago. I think it was some random giveaway or something – I’m not even sure, one day I just had a DM from someone with a steam code that turned out to be Friendship Club.    First impressions of this … Read More

LILMGOTW – Niddhog!

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Introducing Lisa’s Indie Local Multiplayer Game of the Week – LILMGOTW for short – catchy right!  This week it’s Niddhog!    Niddhog was one of the games that started my love of quirky indie games. My university LAN party had a tournament concept called ‘Iron-LAN’ where each stage is a different game that is only revealed at that stage. One … Read More

Scout Moot Iceland 2017

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In just 24 days I’ll be proudly stood at Heathrow airport in my Girl Guiding uniform with my international neckerchief – along with hundreds of young adults and volunteers. We’ll be making our way to Iceland to take part in the International Scout Moot 2017.   Moot is a gathering of Scouts and Guides from all of the world. They … Read More

A Book Review! – Big Little Lies

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I was delighted to receive Big Little Lies as part of a wonderful gift from a brilliant Santa as part of The Reddit Gifts Book Exchange. I love taking part in these exchanges – I love the thrill of carefully finding something you think your randomly assigned giftee would like and hopefully seeing how much they enjoyed receiving that gift. … Read More