Being Grateful and happy for life

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If you’re not careful it’s easy to fall into a rutty routine in life and forget to make plans and realise your dreams. I try to always put that bit of effort in to make sure I’m taking opportunities to do exciting things – events, visit new places etc. I love making lists so I started a new ‘bucket list’ … Read More

Escaping the Bubble

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I’m going to throw this out there – I read the DailyMail. I do not like the Dailymail. I do not agree with the DailyMail. But I read it. I read it along with many other sources. There have been two major non election votes that have blinded sided me in the last 5 or so years. The first was … Read More

Constant Complaining – Just stop it!

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I’m part of an organisation that I love and admire so much. I’ve been a member since I was child and it has given me numerous amazing opportunities and experiences. As an adult last year I had the opportunity to join thousands of others in an epic adventure in Iceland – which was simply an amazing experience. Recently however I’ve … Read More

Resting Commuter Face

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It’s often said that Londoners are miserable. That we are an anti-social uncaring bunch who never talk to other humans or look anyone in the eye. Except in the board room of course, since we apparently all just sit around in suits in board rooms and argue a lot… and destroy the economy of course. The truth is, we aren’t … Read More

Toxic Families

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So the saying goes that blood is thicker than water. A saying that most take to suggest means that our family is most important and we should stick by them no matter what. In truth the saying means the complete opposite. Blood refers to blood shed on the battlefield and water to the water of the womb. A reminder that … Read More

The London Bus

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London buses are iconic – the red double decker is seen on many a piece of tourist tat. It’s a symbol of London. London buses are my favourite mode of transport. Definitely less reliable and slower than the tube, but they have an open and free feeling about them. The top deck is where I love to be. Obviously the … Read More

Get bendy with it!

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I remember as a child being able to contort my body into impossible shapes and barely breaking a sweat. As a gymanst flexibility was just a given and never something I had to try for. I gave up gymanstic due to lack of parental support and deciding that skateboarding would be a much cooler hobby to take up. Now the … Read More

Rather British – The Weather

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Ah, Blighty. It’s often said that the two favourite things of the british are talking about the weather and queueing. It’s definitely true. Although we don’t love queueing – we just have a sense of fairness and need for order in our queues. Skipping the line is not welcome. In true British sense I’m going to remark on the weather. … Read More

A Brand New Adventure

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For a little over a decade of my life I had a goal, and every day of work was working towards that. I knew what I wanted and that drove me. Then I had the opportunity to have that thing. I’d be a well paid manager in analytics, earning a silly some of money. I even had two offers on … Read More

A Fresh Start

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It’s strange – 8 months since last blogging, I finally got the energy and passion to get back online and get things in order. When I logged in, one of the things I found was a draft post called ’53 days later’ where I was explaining how mentally exhausted I was, how I was neglecting my mental health.  It’s been … Read More