I’m so over people complaining about Christmas in November!

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Tis the season

I haven’t seen any posts or social media content celebrating Christmas in November – but I have seen dozens of posts complaining about people celebrating Christmas in November.  I’m so over these November bah-humbuggers.  As a society, we don’t have a huge amount of things that draw us all together. We don’t have huge amounts that draws us out of the monotonous … Read More

Pondering on Life – Piracy

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I’m always surprised with how open and almost bragging people tend to be about digital piracy. It feels like piracy is seen as an acceptable and commonplace thing. We all know that it’s illegal but people seem happy enough to openly discuss their hard drives full of terabytes of movies, TV shows and games. I don’t mean to be judgemental on … Read More

I went to Disney!

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I had never really particularly cared for Disney. I don’t think I even particularly wanted to go to Disneyworld as a child.  I watched the classics as a kid but Disney had never really resonated with me in that way that it seemed to other people (my family seemed more into Studio Ghibli!) When the opportunity came up to go on … Read More

All Change! A new era in my life!

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So much for a schedule…. I haven’t blogged in quite a couple of weeks! Life has very much got in the way lately – in some ways lovely, in some ways unexpectedly!  I’ve spent the past year of my life working abroad – it completely changed my life, throwing me into a new culture and dragging me away from my … Read More

Using Ad-Block? You’re a thief!

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Content isn’t free, especially good high-quality content. Yet as consumers, we like our content to be free. Once we have paid our monthly bill for internet access we don’t want to be charged again by each individual website that we access. Of course, there are some exceptions with services that offer premium content that we’re willing to pay for – Netflix, … Read More

30 before 30?

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In just 13 days I’ll be hitting a milestone birthday – I’ll be leaving my twenties and beginning my early thirties. A few years ago as 28 and 29 hit and 30 became ever closer I really felt like it would be a ‘big deal’. I made a list of thirty things I wanted to do before my birthday. I even … Read More